We are lucky enough to feature some great local artists on the walls of our hospital. Check out all the artwork and services they have to offer below.

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   Ariane Delafosse Uhll is a photographer, artist and believer of being true to yourself and others in everything you do. Born in France and raised in New York, she eventually followed her heart to Colorado. Along the twists and turns of a life fully lived, her dogs have grounded her with their unbridled affection and loyal companionship. It is here that she has immersed herself in a passion for portraiture and DelaFoto was born.

Whether human or animal, she believes that every soul is beautiful, and she has made it her mission to capture that essence through her photography. Ariane’s portraits are evocative and heartfelt, and as memorable as the personalities captivating each frame. With the stillness of portraiture, the heart and soul of her subject comes into focus.

Ariane’s gift to people, who love their animal companions as more than pets, is to capture their individuality permanently. A single frame, elegant in its simplicity, portrays an animal’s unconditional love for their bonded human to be treasured forever.

Integrity and quality are the foundation of Ariane’s artwork, and with the results she has produced, DelaFoto has emerged as a premiere pet photography studio in the greater Denver area.

Beyond the studio, you’ll likely find Ariane exploring Colorado with her trusted sheltie, Ladybug, by her side, a camera in hand - always ready to capture life’s precious, fleeting moments.



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 Being a pet photographer has brought together my interests and talents in a way I never imagined. As a fine art major in college, I learned about color and composition. I mastered design as an art director for advertising agencies. It was a happy day when I realized it was possible to combine my artistic side with my love of dogs!

My dog, Sammy, sparked my passion with pet photography. He was a lovable yellow lab who just begged to be photographed. Before long, I found myself taking more and more photos of dogs. I love their sweet personalities and capturing the human-animal connection. Now that Sammy is gone, I'm so grateful for the photos that help me remember what an incredible dog he was. Today, my golden retriever, Murphy, helps me think up fun photo ideas and scout new photo locations.

My goal is to capture your pets the way your heart sees them. Let me help you get wonderful photos that capture their personalities. Call me at 720-238-3337 to set up a photo shoot.



 Pet Portrait Artist: Andy Mallen - Changing careers was the best thing I ever did.

A fully committed career person from the get-go, I spent 30 years in marketing and advertising, traveling the world and honing my appreciation for art and culture wherever I went.

2009 became a game-changer for me as my world of corporate America took a dive and I was pushed into a more artful direction for my “Act II”.

My passion has always been three-fold: animals, art and global cultures. Now I follow those dreamy passions through my art, painting pet portraits, people I’ve met around the globe and anything else that strikes me!

My animal portraits are my primary focus. Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds or goats – they all inspire my emotional spirit to paint. Whether it is because of the innocence of the animal or their intense spirit, these creatures captivate an inner sense of honesty for me. Animals, any animals, are truly representative of living in the present without pretense. They are pure. They are honest. They are teachers for us all.

I’ve been told that the way in which I paint the animals’ eyes is particularly unique – well, I suppose that makes sense as they are the path to the soul. My art is intended to reflect this passion and to impart that same sense of awe to my viewers and customers.

As I have often said, “I aspire to be the type of person my dog thinks I am!”



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